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All rules below are pursuant with Rule 182 of the Official LGFA Guide, any

breaches of these rules may be subject to CODA procedures.

1. All games to be played on or before fixture date unless agreed by both clubs in writing, to the West Cork Board 48hrs prior to initial fixture date with a New Date. This date becomes the New Default Date and cannot be changed only with the approval of the board.

2. In the event of both teams being unable to agree a throw in time, the West Cork Board default time of 3.00p.m shall be imposed for Weekend fixtures. In the case of a Midweek fixture 7.30pm will be deemed the throw in time. Where floodlights are not available and light maybe an issue this time may be adjusted by the Fixtures Secretary.

3. If home side cannot provide a pitch in good time, they must concede home advantage. Contact to be made with the Fixture Secretary, if there is a change of Venue.  In the event that both teams being unable to provide a venue, both teams must agree an alternative date, providing this date does not interfere with the next fixture date and the West Cork Fixture Secretary has been informed. He/she will confirm with both clubs if the new date is acceptable. If both teams cannot agreed to a new fixture date within 48 hrs of the original fixture date, a new date and time will be set by the Fixtures Secretary.

4. Any conceded games must be reported by Both Clubs in writing to the West Cork Board within 48hrs of fixture/default date, otherwise the game will be declared void. Only the West Cork Board may award a walkover.

5. The secretary of the Home Team (club) must send in the result of the game played within 24 hours of the fixture to the secretary’s what’s app group.

6. Clubs may only use the same neutral referee twice in any competition unless pre-approved by the West Cork Board.

7. Your appointed referee must return a completed match report to the West Cork Secretary within 48 hrs of the match. Referees who consistently fail to return completed reports will be restricted from refereeing in the Division. In the case of any serious incidents the match report must be submitted within 24hrs.

8. West Cork Board will appoint referees for Semi-Finals and Finals.

West Cork Board will pay for referees for the finals only.

Clubs will pay €20 per game for umpires for Finals.

9. All referees must be on Cork LGFA Published Referees List prior to match.

10. A €50 fine will be imposed on teams not fulfilling matches.

11. All clubs must have their affiliation fees paid before the commencement of their competitions.

12. Teams who do not complete their full league program will not qualify for a knockout stages or finals.

13. All competition games, including finals will be unlimited substitutions.

14. Clubs with second teams in the league must nominate their best active 15 players, (or 13 at U-12) who will only be permitted to play with their first team.

  • (A) Clubs with third teams must nominate 15 players on their 1st team and 15 players on their 2nd team.  None of these 30 players can play with their 3rd team.
  • (B) Players not expected to play in the 2022 season should not be named in a clubs first 15.
  • (C) Players of a lower age group who are considered better than an older girl must be named in the best active 15 players e.g. U13 player better than an U14 player must be named in your first 15. It is the responsibility of the club to provide this information before their first fixture. Failure to do so will lead to expulsion from the competition.
  • (D) The Executive of the West Cork Board shall have the right to remove a team from a competition if it determines that a team has breached the” First 15/13” rule above.

15. The West Cork Board has the right to remove teams from any competition if

  • (a) It is deemed that they are holding up the competition or
  • (b) Failing to fulfil their fixtures in a timely manner.

16.  All league games must be finished for the last league default date of each competition.

17. If you play away in the league and meet the same team in the  semi- final, you have home advantage.

18. There is no County Qualifications for 2nd teams 

19. County Qualification will be as follows

A Finalists to A County.

A Losing Semi-finalists to B County.

B Finalists go to C County.

B Losing Semi Finalists go to D County.

FUTHER COUNTY COMPETITIONS ARE BEING DEVISED BY COUNTY BOARD FOR 5th and 6th placed teams in A and B as well as TOP 6 C GRADE TEAMS clubs will be advised of this as soon as possible

20. For Semi Final placings following the league phase in Division where it is a single group league, the team in 1st will play 4th place and the team in 2nd will play 3rd. Home advantage will be opposite of league game.


21. In the event of two teams finishing level on league points their head to head record will be taken into account. The winner of the head to head match will be ranked higher. If their head to head result was a draw then lots will be drawn for semi-final placings.

22. In the event of the teams in 4th and 5th place finishing tied, their head to head record will not be taken into account and a playoff will take place.

23. In the event of ¼ finals being played in a competition or where a grade is split into 2 group’s qualification procedures will be published and ratified prior to commencement of competition by full board meeting.

***This year there will be a number of extra County Championships which will see up to 6 teams from A, B and C grades qualify to compete,  which has never been the case before.

Teams need to be aware that clubs that do not complete their ENTIRE league programme are not eligible to go forward to enter West Cork Semi Finals or County Competition as per Competition Rules. So please be cognisant of this when considering giving walk overs as there will be no exceptions.