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U16 Group 1 (A) West Cork Ladies Fixtures 2024

Round 1 to be played on or before Sunday 7 th April

Tadhg MacCarthaigh    v    Bandon

Kinsale                         v    Castlehaven

Rosscarbery                 v    O’Donovan Rossa

Round 2 to be played on or before Sunday 28 th April

Bandon                      v      Kinsale

O’Donovan Rossa     v      Tadhg MacCarthaigh

Castlehaven              v       Rosscarbery

Round 3 to be played on or before Sunday 12 th May

Castlehaven       v    Tadhg MacCarthaigh

Bandon               v    O’Donovan Rossa

Kinsale                v    Rosscarbery

Round 4 to be played on or before Sunday 30 th June

O’Donovan Rossa        v       Castlehaven

Tadhg MacCarthaigh    v       Kinsale

Rosscarbery                 v       Bandon

Round 5 to be played on or before Thursday 25 th July

O’Donovan Rossa       v     Kinsale

Bandon                        v    Castlehaven

Rosscarbery                v     Tadhg MacCarthaigh

** Note – 25 th July is the deadline for all league games

Semi- Finals - Thursday 1 st August

Final Weekend – 11 th August

All league Semi-Finals will be

1 V 4

2 V 3 

Home team, reverse or league match


Tadhg McCarthaigh – Tadgh Deasy (087) 3086988

Bandon – Justin Bolster (087) 2215494

Kinsale – Helen O’ Callaghan (087) 2353716

Castlehaven – Bill O’ Driscoll (086) 3668910

Rosscarbery – Sinéad Lane (086) 3778806

O’Donovan Rossa – Donal McCarthy (087) 8030633