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U14 A Fixtures 2019

U14 A Championship Fixtures 2019

Round 1 to be played on or before 10th March

Clonakilty                       Vs               Bandon

Castlehaven                    Vs               Rosscarbery

Valley Rovers                 Vs               Kinsale

Round 2 to be played on or before 24th March

Bandon                          Vs               Valley Rovers

Kinsale                          Vs               Castlehaven

Rosscarbery                  Vs               Clonakilty

Round 3 to be played on or before the 1st April

Clonakilty                      Vs                Castlehaven

Kinsale                           Vs                Bandon

Valley Rovers                 Vs                Rosscarbery

Round 4 to be played on or before the 8th April

Rosscarbery                  Vs               Bandon

Clonakilty                     Vs               Kinsale

Castlehaven                  Vs               Valley Rovers

Round 5 to be played on or before the 15th April

Bandon                          Vs           Castlehaven              

Valley Rovers                Vs           Clonakilty

Kinsale                           Vs           Rosscarbery              

Semi Finals:  1v4, 2v3 on or before 17th May

Final: 3rd June


Valley Rovers – Sean O Flynn   087-2656995

Bandon – Brendan Conlon   086-8398133

Clonakilty – Michael Pattwell   087-6507115

Castlehaven – Maeve McCarthy   087-2739856

Rosscarbey – Conor McCarthy   087-6600208

Kinsale -Brian Collins    087-3291240